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10 Big Leaf House Plants That Make a Statement



Elephant ear plants grow well outdoors but make great large houseplants. Elephant ear plant leaves can reach three feet, depending on the variety.

Elephant Ear Plant


Bird of paradise, a tropical plant, is named for its bird-like flower. Self-heading houseplants with large leaves grow in layers from a central stalk.

Bird Of Paradise


Popular houseplant fiddle leaf fig trees make a statement in any room. They have large, waxy, fiddle-shaped leaves and can be pruned into many shapes.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Monstera Deliciosa is a large houseplant with stunning large fenestrated leaves that instantly tropicalizes any room. Indoors, the plant can reach ten feet tall with three- to four-foot leaves.

Monstera Deliciosa


Philodendron xanadu's large, leathery, lobed leaves will make it stand out in any room. The leaves become more intricate with more lobes as the plant matures.

Philodendron Xanadu


The rubber tree is a popular houseplant with many colors and shapes. Large, waxy leaves highlight this tropical houseplant.

Ficus Elastica


A striking houseplant, the African mask plant has large deep green leaves with deep white or light green veining. The leaves are arrowhead or heart-shaped and deep purple underneath.

African Mask Plant


The banana plant grows well outdoors but thrives as a houseplant in bright, sunny conditions. Maintain soil moisture throughout the growing season.

Banana Tree Plant

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