10 Flowers To Bring Color To Your Garden


This flowering shrub typically grows between 3 and 9 feet and is found in many different parts of the world. Its color ranges from pale pink to light blue, depending on the soil's pH levels.


The iris is a perennial plant known for its long stems and asymmetrical petals. 


Domesticated in North America and Mexico thousands of years ago, the sunflower is Ukraine's national flower and Kansas's state flower. 


Cute and dainty, the daisy usually blooms from early to mid-summer. 


Bright and vibrant, the daffodil is commonly known as the 10th wedding anniversary flower.

Bleeding Heart

This striking flower, which features deep purples and pink petals, gets its name from its unique shape, which resembles a bleeding heart.


A popular perennial plant, the dahlia comes in many stunning colors, including lavender, orange, and yellow. 


Also known as violet or viola, the pansy does best in sunny or partially sunny areas with well-draining soil.


The tulip is a common perennial plant that typically blooms in the springtime. The Netherlands is one of the biggest producers of plant’s bulbs.


Graceful and fragrant, lavender has many different uses—it is often planted in gardens, used to flavor honey, arranged in dried bouquets, and harvested for its oil.

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