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11 Things The Boomer Generation Will Leave Forever



Ironically, beautiful china sets handed down through generations frequently end up as closet decorations. It's like having a luxury car but only driving it to the mailbox.

Giant China Sets 


Surprisingly, Yahoo still clings to relevance, especially in Japan. It’s like that one band from your high school that still plays at the local bar – not the main event anymore, but still hanging on. 

Yahoo News 


They resemble finding a needle in a digital haystack in person. They will soon be a quirky memory of a time when we found information without using our phones.

Phone Books 


Checking feels outdated, like taking a horse and buggy instead of an Uber. Writing checks still has its appeal, especially when it avoids ‘convenience’ fees.



Reliance on one employer seems as outdated as rotary phones. Now it's about finding a job that values you, not just retiring with a gold watch.

Workplace Loyalty 


The ritual of reading a physical newspaper is fading, much like waiting for your photos to be developed. In the digital age, waiting for the morning paper is like waiting for a dial-up connection. 



In today's world, fax machines are as rare and perplexing as payphones. They are still used in some industries, but as technology advances, they may become obsolete, much like sending a telegram.

Fax Machines 


Like rotary phones in a smartphone world, landlines are holding on but becoming obsolete. They have a role, but they're no longer the protagonist of communication.



Like collecting vintage stamps, grandfather clock repair may become a niche hobby. These classics may tick in some homes, but for most, they're a nostalgic reminder.

Grandfather Clock Repair 


Falling cable TV may be one of the most anticipated cultural shifts. It's like waiting for that stubborn tree in the yard to give way to a streaming-friendly landscape.

Cable TV 


Suits in the workplace are becoming as rare as typewriters in offices. As dress codes relax, suiting up may become obsolete, much like boomers' fondness for bell-bottoms.

Suits in the Workplace 

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