7 Common Kitchen Mistakes You Make

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Storing Tomatoes In The Fridge 

Have you complained about mealy tomatoes? Keeping them in the fridge is partly your fault. The texture of tomatoes changes greatly in cold weather.

Stirring Too Frequently 

If you want to get a golden brown exterior on meat and veggies, the best way to accomplish that is just to let them cook on their own. 

Crowding Your Pan 

All food contains water that gets drawn out during cooking. Leaving enough space between each piece allows the water to quickly evaporate. 

Washing Berries 

Berry washing is necessary. However, only wash them before eating. Removing dirt adds moisture that accelerates fruit spoilage.

Adding Oil To Your Pasta Water 

Salt is necessary for any pot of pasta water. Oil, on the other hand, is completely useless. It doesn't prevent your noodles from sticking together. 

Using Dull Knives 

Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp ones. Using an unsharpened knife to cut a tomato is dangerous.

Not Cleaning The Crumbs in Drawers

Every kitchen has crumbs, but not cleaning them is a big mistake. This is like officially inviting mice and bugs into your home.

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