8 Countries Where The Food Might Disappoint You


Thanks to food embargos between the country and the United States, Cuban kitchens often lack common vegetables and spices that many people crave in their dishes. 


More than one traveler commented on the lack of tasty food during recent trips to the Bahamas. "Beautiful place, but we were expecting fresh, scrumptious seafood dinners," says one recent vacationer. 

Costa Rica

While there is nothing bland about Costa Rica's surroundings - the country is filled with everything from breathtaking mountains to beaches and jungles - the same cannot be said about the cuisine. 


Then look no further than Chile, a mayo-lovers paradise! But, of course, your visit will be hell on Earth if you're not a fan of mayonnaise. 


The people have spoken: Brazil is the home of mediocre food, with a lone bright spot. "The barbecue in the south is good, but in general, the food is very mediocre," reveals one traveler. 


There's so much to love about the Philippines - from the beaches to the temperature to the inexpensive way of life, it's no surprise that millions visit the country annually.


The proper seasoning of a prepared dish is paramount for a tasty meal. Unfortunately, chefs in Morocco haven't gotten the message yet! 


While naturally beautiful, cuisine in Norway leaves a lot to be desired - especially when you factor in higher prices that are prevalent throughout the region. 

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