Insider Secrets You Should Know About The Walmart

Walmart's covert warehouse worker says the clearance aisle has weekly secret sales for the know.  You can find weekly savings events if you know when and where to look.

They recommend checking clearance aisles during Tuesday inventory changeovers for the latest clothing, home goods, and more price cuts.

Walmart's official app lets you create personalized discounts to go beyond in-store price-slashing. “The Walmart app is a goldmine for savvy shoppers,” insider said. 

“Enable push notifications for clearance events, flash sales, and exclusive mobile coupons.” They noted app-exclusive deals sometimes beat in-store pricing, making the tool useful beyond organization.

Walmart's little-known price match policy may help frustrated shoppers find deals on items they just bought. Price matching can be Walmart's secret weapon, they said.

Helper offers time-saving solutions for long checkout lines in stores' fronts. They advised using Scan & Go in the Walmart app to avoid checkout lines. 

Shoppers can scan items in their carts with their phones. Instead of checking out, exit directly after shopping. They suggest using the built-in mobile checkout on busy shopping days.

The bright yellow “Rollback” signs on Walmart's shelves alert shoppers to lower prices. Our incognito Walmart veteran cautioned us to scrutinize these savings before trusting them

They warned, “Not all Rollbacks are created equal.” “Make sure to still compare supposed sale prices against previous pricing and competitor retailers to truly get the best deal.”

Insider recommends planning Walmart runs to avoid evening and weekend peak shopping hours to maximize efficiency and possibly your sanity.

They suggested shopping in the mornings because there are fewer families and night owls and you can browse and use self-checkout for smaller purchases.

Finally, a Walmart pro revealed their favorite overlooked loyalty perk. “Download the Ibotta app, link your Walmart rewards account, and automatically earn cash back on eligible purchases,” they said.

It's a small rebate that adds up when you buy items with bonuses. Organize receipts digitally with Ibotta and save money on every shopping trip with cash rewards.

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