9 Beautiful Girl Names Everyone Forgot About


Derived from the Latin ‘Amabilis’ meaning ‘lovable,’ Amabel possesses an antique charm often overlooked in Annabel’s favor. 


A French name meaning ‘lame; enclosure,’ Claudine had its peak in the 1940s. Although its usage has diminished, Claudine still gives off a robust and vintage vibe worthy of consideration. 


Greek in origin and meaning ‘well-spoken,’ Euphemia, or Effie for short, was common during the Victorian era. With its rich historical roots, this name is ripe for revival. 


While Floris might sound masculine, it’s a Dutch girl’s name meaning ‘flower.’ With its botanical connotations, Floris offers a unique twist on the floral name trend. 


With German roots and meaning ‘gray battle,’ Griselda might be considered old-fashioned, but its potential for the cute nickname ‘Zelda’ makes it a strong contender. 


A name with Celtic roots, Isolde was popularized by the tragic romance of Tristan and Isolde. Despite its sad story, Isolde, meaning ‘ice ruler,’ has a lyrical quality that’s hard to resist. 


An underused Greek name meaning ‘shining moon,’ Jocasta has a mythological background and a contemporary feel. Its rarity makes it a unique choice for a modern baby girl. 


A unique Cornish name meaning ‘love,’ Kerensa is often forgotten in favor of more common love-related names like Amour or Love.


A Latin name meaning ‘dawn,’ Oriana fell out of use in the 20th century but is gaining traction among parents seeking an uncommon name with a beautiful meaning. 

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