Costco's New Triple Chocolate Cream Pie Is Too Rich For The Internet

Customers salivate over Costco bakery delicacies like blueberry muffins and tuxedo chocolate mousse cake.

The fact that these pastries and desserts are much cheaper than elsewhere further boosts followers' love.

The $20 pricing for a new triple chocolate cream pie shocks bakery shoppers used to paying less than $15.

Another noted that the pricing is acceptable for feeding so many people. Still, some commented, stating, "I'll stick to pumpkin pie. I could get 3 for $20."

Despite numerous commentators' complaints, most pie buyers were satisfied. One satisfied customer wrote, "Worth it — it's delish!!!"

Reddit users lauded the dessert. Some said $5 a pound for a pie isn't highway robbery, while others offered tips for preserving the pie if you're not hosting a party.

Costco frozen pizzas are great. I recommend cutting/scooping the pie to your desired serving size and foiling/freezing it. One user remarked, "I setup with an ice cream scoop and aluminum foil."

The Biscoff cookie butter cake, only available in Canada, cost $19 in the U.S. The 4.75-pound chocolate peanut butter pie cost $20, according to internet reviews.

If $20 for the triple chocolate cream pie is too much, the bakery case has many other chocolatey treats. You might prefer the $7.99 six-pack small chocolate cakes.

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