McDonald's Most Popular Holiday Dessert

Restaurant chains nationwide have begun adding holiday dishes and drinks to their menus as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach. 

McDonald's fans are thrilled to finally have their favorite Christmas dessert.McDonald's Holiday Pie returns Nov. 15. Yesterday, the chain announced the treat's exciting comeback.

Well McDonald's fans, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us and what better way to celebrate than with the sweet return of McDonald's Holiday Pie!" The announcement read.

The festive dish has a buttery crust with sugar glaze and rainbow sprinkles and a creamy custard

McD's Holiday Pies, debuted in 1999, are popular. Whenever the dessert returns before the holidays, customers are excited.

"Counting down the days until I can finally get me a holiday pie from McDonald's," a fan said on Twitter replaced with X earlier this month.

Another X user wrote, "I can't wait for McDonald's to bring that holiday pie back."

Unfortunately, the pie will only be sold in certain markets this year. McDonald's hasn't said where the treat will be sold, so customers should check local restaurants.

If you reside in a market where the pie is available this year, get one from McDonald's right away. As in previous years, participating eateries will offer the Holiday Pie while supplies last.

Two months after McDonald's Pumpkin & Creme Pie returned, the Holiday Pie did too. The 2015 creation has two layers of pumpkin and vanilla cream filling in a pastry shell.

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