Natural Pest Control For Your Garden

Promote beneficial insects that prey on garden pests. Pests can be controlled by ladybugs, lacewings, predatory beetles, and parasitic wasps.

1. Beneficial Insects

An excellent natural pesticide, neem oil is obtained from the neem tree. This disturbs insect life cycles and repels them. Spray damaged plants with diluted neem oil.

2. Neem Oil

The powdered substance known as diatomaceous earth is formed from fossilized diatoms. Dehydrate and kill insects by scattering it about plant bases. 

3. Diatomaceous Earth

Combine crops to deter pests through companion planting. For instance, marigolds repel worms, and basil protects tomatoes from bugs.

4. Companion Planting

Garlic spray may repel insects due to its natural characteristics. Blend garlic cloves with water and soap to make a spray. Spray plants with the strained mixture to discourage pests.

5. Garlic Spray

Essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree oil can be used as insect repellent sprays when blended with water. Explore several oils to find the best for your garden.

6. Essential Oils

 Allow birds to visit your yard as they consume common pests. To attract bird species, provide feeding, baths, and nesting areas.

7. Attract Birds

Protect plants from pests with row coverings. These covers block insects and let sunlight, air, and water reach plants.

8. Row Covers

Slug and snail traps by sinking shallow containers with beer into the earth entice and drown them. For control, empty and refill containers regularly.

9. Beer Traps For Slugs And Snails

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