The 10 Most Popular Baby Names From The 1970

Matthew and Nicole

It’s no surprise these rounded out the top 10, with 277,828 and 144,670 babies given these names, respectively, in the 1970s. 

William and Stephanie

These names aren’t quite as popular anymore in today’s day and age, but surely you've met a few Williams or Stephanies if you were born in the 1970s. 

Brian and Heather

If you remember quite a few Brians and Heathers from your school days, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there were 322,747 and 203,912 babies, respectively, given these names during that time. 

Robert and Angela

It should come as no surprise to anyone with Bobs in their life that Robert was one of the most popular names of the 1970s. The seventh-most popular female name only went to 225,264 babies in comparison to Robert’s 397,295. 

John and Lisa

These names might not seem as popular today, but there were quite a few who were running around as kids in the '70s. Specifically, there were 402,715 Johns and 228,690 Lisas born in the U.S. during this decade. 

James and Kimberly

Know of a Jim or Kim, or even several? No surprise there. In the 1970s, there were 444,823 and 229,106 babies given the names James and Kimberly. 

David and Michelle

Davids and Michelles were undeniably everywhere, especially if you were a child of the 1970s. During this period, a total of 445,842 and 249,138 babies received these names, respectively. 

Jason and Melissa

If you know a lot of Gen Xers named Jason or Melissa, it’s no coincidence. There were 462,821 and 253,274 babies given those respective names in the 1970s. 

Christopher and Amy

Who doesn’t know of at least a dozen Christophers and at least a few Amys from their lifetime? In the 1970s, there were 475,526 and 268,996 babies named Christopher and Amy respectively. 

Michael and Jennifer

These two names aren’t quite as popular among today’s newborns, but there sure are a lot of them among the ranks of millennials and Generation X.

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