These Are The Best Plants To Keep In Your Bedroom

Snake Plant

Snake plants, a common succulent, are known for being a great plant for beginners, since they're so easy to grow.


The uniquely patterned, colorful foliage of calathea plants make them a great choice for sprucing up your bedroom decor.


Philodendrons have beautiful, heart-shaped leaves and quick-growing trailing vines, which can help to make any bedroom look and feel like a lush jungle.

Ficus Tineke

This low-maintenance plant has striking pink, green, and yellow leaves that will add color and dimension to any bedroom.

English Ivy

This plant is perfect for hanging baskets and will make an excellent addition to your bedroom.

Peace Lily

The Peace lily has beautiful leaves and white flowers, making it a lovely and calming addition to any bedroom.

Spider Plant

Spider plants, like snake plants, release oxygen at night, making them another good bedside companion. They're also quite visually striking, with variegated foliage and long, cascading leaves.


If you've got somewhat of a green thumb, you can also add a flowering plant with scented blossoms to your bedroom, like gardenia.

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